Why Did My Account Auto Renew?

Dinner Answers is an automatic renewal service and you will be charged at the beginning of each term that you selected at sign up.  It is important to Saving Dinner that all of our customers are comfortable with our auto renew policy before entering credit card information.   We require agreement to this policy prior to signing up for Dinner Answers so that you have the option to back out if you are uncomfortable with your subscription auto renewing.  

Our terms state the following: 

Automatic Renewal. With the exception of gift certificate purchases, all of our meal plan subscriptions renew automatically at the end of their term. Once you sign up for a trial or become a Subscriber, your subscriptions will be automatically renewed and your credit card will be charged at the end of your term. Your subscription will be renewed based on the term you selected when initially setting up the subscription—unless you choose to cancel your subscription. The renewal of subscriptions takes place according to the Terms in place on the date of the renewal. If a free trial, promotion, or other offers were made available at the time of purchase, be sure to take note of any rules, conditions, cancellation dates or price changes that may take effect when the promotional or free trial period ends. If a renewal charge is unsuccessful, Saving Dinner may retry charges to your credit card for up to 60 days.

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